Do I Have To Choose Between My Pets & My Allergic Friends?

Mar 18, 2019 | Allergies, Allergy Desensitization (Allergy shots), News, Pet Allergies

Some of us are a part of the lucky few who don’t suffer from traditional allergies, allowing us to go about our lives much more easily than our allergic friends. One perk those of us get is being able to live with our loving pets and their dander without having to worry. But what do we do when the people we love are allergic to the pets we love?

No one wants to sacrifice their friends’ well being for any reason, but we certainly don’t want to have to ban guests from coming to our homes… So, how do we go about opening our pet-friendly home to our allergic guests?

Below are some tips to help make your home manageable for your human friends who are allergic to your furry friends:

Quickly! We need to vacuum!

To try and get rid of any and all traces of dander, you might think it to be a good idea to vacuum right before your allergy-prone guests come over. But, this actually stirs up a great deal of the dander that has been resting in your carpets, rugs, and flooring. Some of the dander that isn’t sucked up by the vacuum then floats in the air for a time before finally coming to a rest again.

To best accommodate guests and not have an abundance of dander floating in the air when they arrive, vacuum the day/night before to allow time for the dander to settle once more.

That couch looks so comfortable...

It’s no surprise that your furry friends typically choose to snuggle up on your soft and cushy furniture. Furniture with fabrics often house a great deal of dust mites, dander, and more. Be sure to offer your guests a seat that ideally doesn’t have any fabric on it help prevent dander from getting on their clothes and skin.

At last... a pet-free zone!

Although not realistic for everyone, for some who have the means, keeping a room or floor of a home pet-free may benefit allergy-prone friends a great deal. By keeping your pets out of one spot, you could give your friends an escape-area for when they need a break from your pets and their dander.


Ideally, if you can get your pets out of the house temporarily, that would be best for your allergic visitors. But, in many cases, this is much easier said than done. If your pets have to remain in the house, give them a good cleaning before your guests arrive. For those animals that aren’t too keen on baths and water, look for cleansing wipes at your local pet store — removing some of the dander is better than removing none of it!

Care about clean air

You may already keep an eye on your air filter, but, just to be thorough, double-check your air filters around the house to make sure they’re up-to-code and not too dirty for your guests. Consider looking into an air purifier as well to ensure your home’s air quality is at its finest.

Your guests should already be cognizant of their allergies and what to do to maintain them, but, in case of emergencies, always be prepared to have a backup plan in place.

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