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Midwest Allergy Sinus Asthma, SC

Home Remedies for Sinus Headaches

Half of all adults around the world suffer at least one headache per year. When headaches are more frequent and bring with them a throbbing pain in your forehead, you could have sinus problems. Your sinuses are hollow cavities in your skull, located around your eyes,...

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How Does Nasal Endoscopy Work?

Sinuses are hollow cavities located in your skull, and they produce mucus to moisturize your nose. But when you’re sick, have chronic sinus problems, or if you have allergies, pressure can build up. You might experience frustrating, painful symptoms ranging from...

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How You Can Keep Outdoor Allergens From Coming Indoors

Outdoor allergies are some of the most common types of allergies. Also called seasonal allergies or allergic rhinitis, outdoor allergies are those caused by substances in nature. Tree, grass, and weed pollens can all trigger allergic reactions and unpleasant symptoms...

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Prevent Misery: Treat Spring Allergies Early

Warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, and more sunshine signal the end of winter. Many people look forward to the changing seasons, but if you have seasonal allergies, spring may not bring excitement. Instead, it can bring unpleasant symptoms like itchy eyes,...

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Allergy or Intolerance: How Can You Tell the Difference?

Up to 10% of adults have food allergies, and even more have food intolerances. Both cause adverse reactions in the body, but what’s the difference between the two? Learning to recognize the differences between an allergy and intolerance can be difficult. But simply...

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What is Oral Food Immunotherapy?

Do you love lobster, but can’t eat it because you’re allergic to shellfish? Does even the thought of peanuts make you sweat, because any exposure to nuts can send you into anaphylactic shock? Midwest Allergy Sinus Asthma, with seven offices in Illinois, offers oral...

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Can You Develop Food Allergies as an Adult?

Many parents know to watch for signs of an allergic reaction with their babies and young children, such as hives, shortness of breath, gastrointestinal issues, and more. What they may not realize is that they themselves could also acquire a food allergy at any time....

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