Join Our Groundbreaking Peanut Allergy Clinical Trial for Children in Bloomington/Normal, IL

We’re excited to announce our call for participants in the VITESSE (DBV) clinical trial, a new study focused on innovative treatments for peanut allergies. Our clinic is at the forefront of allergy research and treatment. We’re inviting families with children aged 4-7 years to consider this unique opportunity. Fill out this form to be contacted by our staff to receive more information and see if your child is eligible.

About the VITESSE Clinical Trial

This trial is designed to study the effectiveness of a revolutionary approach to treating peanut allergies in young children. Participants in the study will use a specialized sticker containing 250 micrograms of peanut daily for one year. Previous studies have shown that this method, known as the Viaskin™ sticker, can significantly improve peanut tolerance after continuous use.

Dr. Dareen Siri is the Principal Investigator for this Clinical Trial in Normal, Illinois location at Midwest Allergy Sinus Asthma & Respiratory and the SWIA Clinical Research Center.

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Benefits of Participating

  • Potential to treat peanut allergies in a simple, non-invasive manner.
  • Minimal safety concerns based on existing clinical trial data.
  • Free diagnostic procedures including Oral Food Challenge, Skin Prick Test, and Peanut IgE Blood Test.
  • Compensation for time and travel, totaling up to $1812.50.

Considerations and Next Steps

Please note that some participants may receive a placebo sticker for the duration of the trial. However, all participants will have the opportunity to join an open-label trial afterwards, ensuring access to the peanut sticker until FDA approval.

How to Participate

If you’re interested in this unique opportunity or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can review study details on the VITESSE Allergy Study website or on

Contact Information:

Why participate in clinical research? All of the medicines you currently take for your health were first studied in clinical trials before the FDA approved them.  It is a great way to help your community, while getting close care and monitoring by doctors you know.

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Page updated: February 2024


Study Participation Details

About Trials and SWIA CRC

All our clinical research opportunities are FDA regulated and are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies or government agencies to develop new treatments or to study additional diseases for treatments currently approved for prescription. Each trial is conducted at many academic and private research centers that have been carefully chosen for their experience and reputation.  SWIA Clinical Research Center, is a separate company affiliated with Midwest Allergy Sinus & Respiratory has operated over 1000 trials over the past 30 years and has been involved in developing many of the allergy and respiratory medicines you may be familiar with, including Zyrtec, Allegra, Singulair, Advair, Symbicort, Breztri, Trelegy, Nasonex, Xhance, Grastek, Ragwitek, Xolair, Dupixent, Palforzia, Stelara, Opzelura, Cibinqo, and Rinvoq, to name a few. Our highly trained clinical research staff follow strict protocols, which are in place to ensure safety, uniformity, and integrity.  We have conducted studies with Volunteers from all walks of life, from infancy through advanced ages.

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