Poppy Seed Allergy

Jan 29, 2014 | Allergies, Food Allergies / Intolerance, News

This week, Dr. Siri saw a patient with a Poppy Seed Allergy, which is a rare event. The patient had a peanut, legume, and tree nut allergy, as well. She was curious about it and learned the following information…

It occurs in less than 1% of cases of anaphylaxis, but may truly be under-diagnosed. Allergists don’t routinely skin test for poppy seed, as the test is not widely available. A blood test, on the other hand, is easier to do. A large portion of those with a poppy seed allergy have Tree Nut Allergy, as well. There are also other pollen associations. One European study noted that a fair number of those with “anaphylaxis” to opiates, like morphine, also tested positive to poppy seed on blood tests, being that the raw poppy seed is used to make heroin and other opiates [Allergol Immunopathol (Madr) 2011 Sep 20]. Clinical value of morphine, pholcodine and poppy seed IgE assays in drug-abusers and allergic people.

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